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Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 103 / 98
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August 14, 2018

Certified Profinet IRT and Ethernet/IP solutions from Analog Devices

Dear reader,
This summer, many areas of the northern hemisphere have been affected by intense heat and long droughts. Maybe you are wondering how to keep your garden looking its best during this heatwave. Take a look at this story from 2014 on how IoT technology can make irrigation more efficient: Plant-wide connectivity

Industrial Ethernet Book

News Bluetooth Mesh adoption
In the year since the release of Bluetooth mesh, more than 65 products with mesh networking capability have been qualified. Full story

New network architectures for 5G
The two and a half year EU-funded 5G CHARISMA research project was successfully completed in spring 2018. Full story

Quantum Cryptography
A consortium of European research and business organisations jointly develops a satellite-based cybersecurity system. Full story

POWERLINK OPC UA TSN: Performance, Openness, Efficiency
Technology TSN in industrial networks: why, what and how?
The Industry 4.0 paradigm, based on the massive interconnection of Cyber Physical Systems combined with a Big Data analysis, has highlighted the challenge of mixing Operational Technologies (OT) with Information Technologies (IT). Therefore, a common Ethernet technology able to merge OT and IT worlds would be an outstanding forward step to really ensure interoperability and standardization. Can Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) be this common Ethernet based solution?
Full story

Kyland Industrial Communications Products
Case Studies Kinetic mesh networks for oil & gas
Similar to many other industries, oil, gas, and petrochemical operations depend on a variety of vehicles, equipment, heavy machinery, and personnel, dispersed across vast, rugged terrain, all of which require reliable, high-bandwidth, mobile communications. Every aspect of exploration, extraction, and production must be carefully monitored and managed to ensure continuous operations and cost containment. A mesh network can provide real-time, site-wide communications for employees, contractors, smart meters, sensors, and an abundance of other assets.
Full story

Products Tofino Xenon Security Appliance :: Security appliance

:: IO-Link programming tool

:: Plant Resource Manager

:: Modular splice box

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Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 103 / 98
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