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Services digitalize machine tools


Services digitalize machine tools

Siemens has introduced new and expanded digital services for the machine tool industry, with new capabilities for identifying and exploiting additional productivity potential for machine tools. Machine tool operating companies use the new Digitalization Check as a Service from the portfolio of Manufacturing IT Services to create transparency of the digitalization capability of the machine park. With Virtual Commissioning as a Service, machine manufacturers (OEMs) use a virtual twin to significantly speed up both commissioning and time‑to‑market.

The new Digitalization Check as a Service from the portfolio of Manufacturing IT Services examines how well machines, control units and processes can be networked. With this service, the data of the control equipment in the machine park is recorded and analyzed on site. This is followed by a recommendation for the optimal connection strategy on the path toward digitalization.

As an offer for OEMs, Virtual Commissioning as a Service shortens machines´ time-to-market by using a virtual twin. For example, the real commissioning can be accelerated by up to 70 percent. Moreover, mechanical development and electrical design departments now save time by cooperating in parallel rather than sequentially as before. Before the real machine is built, its virtual twin is connected to the real control system, and the machine is commissioned virtually.



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