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Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 101 / 7
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CLPA Working Group on Industrial Ethernet Security

THE IT AND OT WORLDS HAVE RECENTLY started to overlap. While this has brought many benefits to manufacturing, it also means that plant staff now also needs to consider IT security threats to their operations.

Actual measures for reducing those risks need to be considered and implemented. From the factory system point of view, it is said that the priority of protection requirements is availability, integrity, and confidentiality. Another difference from IT systems is "the human factor." Personnel are in a plant floor to manufacture, maintain, or manage the plant. The role and the authorization assigned to personnel related to a target plant system should also be considered.

CC-Link IE Security

Both physical and cyber security measures have to be considered for plant security. In general, one measure is insufficient and the "defense in depth" concept, combining multiple measures, needs to be contemplated.

Some of the areas that need to be explored include: system security architecture; physical access control; industrial network security access control, integrity, and confidentiality; and security monitoring.

CLPA security working group

The first step of the CLPA Security working group is a focus on network security, especially when the user adopts the SeamLess Message Protocol (SLMP) and CC-Link IE Field Basic where general IP communication is used for both cyclic and transient communications.

A guideline document for secure network design will be created based on IEC62443 including the defense-in-depth security approach. Router/switch configuration examples for secure SLMP and CC-Link IE Field are also described.

The CC-Link Partner Association Ethernet Security Working Group includes participation from Cisco Systems, Hilscher, Mitsubishi Electric, HMS, Belden-Hirschmann, MOXA, Panduit and MIND.

By Robert Miller, Director of the CLPA-Americas.

Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 101 / 7
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