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Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 98 / 4
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Optimization of Industrial Ethernet for the process industry

NAMUR AND ODVA ANNOUNCED ACTIVITY to continue the refinement of formal requirements for an Ethernet communication system for the process industry through joint collaboration between the Working Group 2.6 Fieldbus (WG) and the ODVA Strategic Market Requirements Team for its Process Initiative (SMRt).

This activity is the outgrowth of a position paper published by the WG in February 2016 "An Ethernet communication system for the process industry." This paper identified EtherNet/IP as one of the minimum binding requirements for such systems along with 32 aspects that the WG identified as targets for the adoption of industrial Ethernet by the process industry for applications using classical field devices.

The WG and the SMRt have agreed to on-going discussions on the requirements for successful deployment of process field devices on industrial Ethernet spanning a wide variety of topics such as physical layer, device integration and diagnostics.

"NAMUR is formulating its strategy and requirements to adopt industrial Ethernet in process automation where possible," said Mr. Sven Seintsch, chairman of NAMUR Working Group 2.6.

"NAMUR and its fieldbus working group welcome the opportunity to partner with ODVA, as the organization that develops and manages the EtherNet/IP technology and standards, to help accelerate adoption of industrial Ethernet in the process industry."

News report by ODVA and NAMUR.

Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 98 / 4
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