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Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 103 / 99
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Industrial Networks News and Industry 4.0

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October 23, 2018

Kyland Industrial Communication Products

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Industrial Ethernet Book

News e-AI imaging
To expand the use of embedded artificial intelligence (e-AI), Renesas has developed a new microprocessor. Full story

Industrial IoT solution days
With the Industrial IoT solution days, Moxa and Microsoft take users on an instructive journey into the world of IIoT networking. Full story

Honeywell becomes ODVA principal member
Honeywell has become an ODVA principal member alongside Bosch Rexroth, Cisco, E+H, Rockwell, Omron and Schneider. Full story

POWERLINK OPC UA TSN: Security, Safety, Real-time communications
Technology Time Sensitive Networks: Real-Time Ethernet
IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies are giving rise to increasing demands for secure data transmission and real-time. This is where the issue of time sensitive networking (TSN) comes into play. TSN is a combination of several substandards developed within the framework of the IEEE 802 Time-Sensitive Networking Task Group. The aim is to put all industrial communications on a uniform basis by combining classic Ethernet with the real-time functionality required for industrial communications. Here, guaranteed latency and a corresponding determinism are the crucial parameters.
Full story

Moxa: See the IIoT in action
Case Studies Fast changeovers drive high-speed forming machines
The Belgian company Nedschroef Machinery manufactures multi-stage forming machines that produce fasteners and molded parts with complex geometries, such as those used in the automotive industry. By switching to servo drive technology, Nedschroef has greatly reduced the time needed to adapt and set up its high-precision metal forming machines. With an output of up to 240 parts per minute, this places the highest demands on the dynamics and performance of servo drives and motors.
Full story

Japan IT Week Autumn
Products Bosch Rexroth MTX CNC :: CNC system integrates OPC UA

:: NEMA 4X wireless I/O device

:: Power-over-Ethernet switch

:: Expanded HMI platform

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sps ipc drives: Answers for Automation

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Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 103 / 99
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