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Industrial Networks News and IIoT

industrial networks news
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July 10, 2018

Certified Profinet IRT and Ethernet/IP solutions from Analog Devices

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Industrial Ethernet Book

News IEEE adopts OpenFog
The OpenFog reference architecture has been adopted as an official standard by the IEEE Standards Association. Full story

Profinet for process control
Pepperl+Fuchs has introduced a new generation of the FieldConnex Power Hub series with Profinet Gateway. Full story

Gigabit over slip rings
Conductix-Wampfler has chosen CC-Link IE gigabit Ethernet to provide high performance connection for its slip rings. Full story

POWERLINK OPC UA TSN: Open road to a common goal: Your Industrial ioT future
Technology Operational data in an OT/IT cloud
Over the past few years, the Industrial IoT (IIoT) has been transformed from a concept to real solutions that focus on business-to-business, device-to-device, and people-to-device connectivity across industrial networks. With IIoT applications collecting and processing vast amounts of data, deploying processed data to the cloud securely and efficiently is a key aspect of system performance. This article discusses the importance of deploying OT data to an OT/IT cloud, and highlights how to help OT engineers complete this task.
Full story

Kyland Industrial Communications Products
Case Studies Lower costs for water utilities
Park City Water in Utah, USA, and its neighbor, Mountain Regional Water (MRW) often collaborate on projects and share some resources. As both utilities are constantly expanding, they want to use operational data to help them make better decisions, run their operations more efficiently, and save energy. By installing a new system for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) they were able to save US$400,000 a year.
Full story

Products Omron NX1-series controller :: NX1-series controller

:: IoT Edge Gateway

:: Wireless Ethernet gateway

:: Industrial Ethernet bridges

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