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Modular IIoT edge gateway


Modular IIoT edge gateway

The new Robustel MEG5000 modular industrial IoT edge gateway supports a number of different communication protocols to facilitate fast application development. MEG5000 is flexible, easy to configure and manage. It features three scalable cards that support a variety of interfaces to meet the changing demands of applications in the industrial Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT).

Thanks to quick deployment and simple customization, the gateway can be tailored to virtually any industrial requirement. Through edge computing, the MEG5000 gateway is able to process data right at the network edge and in real time. It can therefore collect, analyze and act on data more efficiently, and it supports data optimization which is vital in the IIoT. When transferring large amounts of data to the cloud over limited bandwidth, latency might occur. MEG5000 supports up to 1300 Mbps Wi-Fi speed ensuring that its edge computing power helps to reduce data uploads by acting like a local, edge-based cloud service tool.

The gateway is based on RobustOS, a Linux-based operating system that was developed by Robustel specifically for the use in Robustel devices. RobustOS includes basic networking features and protocols, providing customers with proficient user experience. In addition, Robustel offers partners and customers a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows further customization by using C, Python or Java. It also provides a rich amount of Apps to meet the diverse IoT market requirements.



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