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Promoted content: Digitalization starts with data communication


Promoted content: Digitalization starts with data communication

Digitalization is opening up completely new prospects in all industries: intelligent data analysis, for example, enables manufacturing processes to be planned and optimized with foresight, the efficiency of resources and costs in the process industry to be improved, advanced concepts for power utilities to be implemented, and road and rail transport to be controlled effectively.

These improvements are based on powerful industrial communication networks. Only these can enable the reliable and continuous exchange of information in real time of the entire value-added chain and the vertical exchange of data at various corporate levels. Industrial networks can only afford to do this, however, if they meet specific requirements: availability, robustness, flexibility, and security.

The design, planning and implementation of industrial communication networks, as well as the connection to the enterprise IT, therefore demand a high degree of expert knowledge in the corresponding areas, as well as of the application.

From efficient communication technology for the process and manufacturing industry, through redundant network solutions for electric power grids and end-to-end network solutions for road and rail, to reliable communication under the harshest conditions in the oil and gas industry: as a partner to industry, Siemens not only has a comprehensive portfolio of network products, services and certified training courses but, as a solution provider, also has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of designing and implementing network solutions to meet future requirements – supported globally by certified Siemens partners with established expert knowledge in many industries.



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