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Industrial network Test Access Port


Industrial network Test Access Port

Siemens is extending its Scalance portfolio for industrial networks to include the new Test Access Port Scalance Tap104. Unlike other network components, rather than rejecting faulty telegrams the Scalance Tap104 enables all data traffic in both directions to be exported for analysis.

The new tap supports Fast Ethernet with 10/100 megabits per second and operates at temperatures between -40 and +70 degrees Celsius. It allows variable mounting and can be used in Zone 2 potentially explosive atmospheres. Given the increasing focus on Big and Smart Data and the move towards cloud-based systems, there’s a lot more to handling data than simply dealing generally with large quantities of information. It is vital for the user to be aware of all data traffic passing through the system – including data which can have a negative impact on productivity. The Scalance Tap104 Test Access Port enables this degree of close scrutiny.

The Scalance Tap104 allows all data traffic travelling in both directions to be exported. Instead of rejecting faulty telegrams occurring in data traffic between machines and plants, and between lower and higher-level network segments, the device makes even faulty data available for analysis using standard diagnostic tools such as Wireshark. The tap is easily integrated into an existing network, where it remains idle until the moment of data export. If more precise analysis of the exported data is required, this is possible using devices such as the Bus Analyzer Agent complete with the relevant software, which captures and stores the exported data.

There are various mounting options available, including attachment to Simatic profile rails or standard rails, and installation in 19 inch control cabinets using additional mounting accessories. Mobile use is also possible.



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